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The Scensible Source

My journey to becoming an entrepreneur was an absolute fluke. It all started ten years ago with a sign in the women’s restroom at my workplace, “Ladies: STOP flushing tampons down the toilet. We cannot afford the plumbing bills!”

The only option was tossing feminine care products in a disgusting and dirty stall waste receptacle. This was unacceptable to me and I knew there had to be a better way!

scensibles personal disposal bags for feminine care products

After conducting extensive market research; testing various sizes and closures of plastic bags; designing a decorative pattern; experimenting with fragrances to choose the perfect fresh scent; SCENSIBLES, a personal disposal bag for feminine care products was born!

With installations of compact refillable units to dispense our little pink bags, the SCENSIBLES System can be found in women’s washrooms from coast to coast.

refillable unit for scensibles disposal bags
decorative packaging for scensibles disposal bags

Due to demand, decorative packaging designed for consumers are shipped daily to customers who appreciate using the clean, easy, discreet SCENSIBLES disposal bags for home and personal use. You can learn more about our little bags here.

scensibles plus personal disposal bag for bladder control products

Since bladder control issues affect over 25 million adult Americans—men and women-- with most relying on disposable pads, guards, and liners; we designed a larger disposal bag, SCENSIBLES PLUS.

With all the unique features and benefits of our little pink bags, now you can trust SCENSIBLES PLUS to alleviate your worries about the inconvenience of proper disposal of soiled bladder control products.

And now, the solution so many have been asking for!

Headquartered in Rochester, New York, The Scensible Source Company was founded in 2005 by Ann and John Germanow. 


The Scensible Source is a woman-owned business and holds both design and utility patents.  

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