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Discreet Disposal

Here at The Scensible Source Company, we know first-hand how important it is to feel independent and maintain an active lifestyle. Controlling bladder leakage can sometimes be a burden and feel embarrassing. However, you and your loved ones deserve to feel confident!  With our new Scensibles Plus bags, you can trust in the protection and worry-free disposal of bladder control products, whether you are at home or on the go!


Scensibles Plus bags are the scensible solution you and your loved ones can count on!

Stylish opaque light green on green circle pattern masks contents

Embedded with a pleasant fresh fragrance and antimicrobial additive to reduce odor-causing bacteria growth

Easy to use tie handles to conceal waste and toss in the trash

Bag opens to hold varying sizes of products: panty liners, bladder control pads, guards, shields, maternity sanitary wipes, briefs up to size medium, disposable colostomy bags and personal care wipes 

Avoid unsightliness and offensive odors

No worries about disposal at the mall, work, restaurants, at friends’ and home

Eliminates the need to wrap products in extra toilet paper or tissues, grocery or newspaper bags

Helps avoid pets rummaging through the garbage

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